Format: 243 x 45`
Genre: Telenovela
Author: Cristianne Fridman
Director: Alexandre Avancini


A group of friends had been playing lottery since two years ago. In the New Year´s Eve, when the prize has an extraordinary value, they picked the correct numbers of the lottery and they all become millionaires. 

They live their dreams but they are also involved in a terrible nightmare because they made a pact: each one has a mission to accomplish within one year and only those who can accomplish their mission shall be entitled to the other half of the prize that is stored in a saving account. 

The conflicts get worst when the friends that won the lottery start to die mysteriously and the winners enter in a game of life or death in which, if they don’t discover who the murderer is, they may be the next victim.

In addition, Jackpot!, reveals the difficulties of resetting in the labor market, the characteristics of old age and the values of present society.
And as it must be in all good telenovela, there are stories of love, full of romance and intrigue.

Telenovela from CristianneFridman
Director: AlexandreAvancini






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