HD Soap Opera

Episodes: 45’ x 91

Author: Gustavo Reiz.

Director: Ivan Zettel.

The Penny Lady


The open market worker Carlota Losano is an uneducated, kind and explosive woman, known by everyone as the Penny Lady. Good-hearted and a woman of unparalleled optimism, she got her nickname for giving out what is left from her stand to the poor. Uneducated and abandoned by her husband, Esmeraldino, the Penny Lady plays the role of mother and father, working double to guarantee a dignified future for her children, Édison and Rosália.

When questioned about her total dedication to her children, the Penny Lady is firm in stating she makes no sacrifice. She says she pities the mother who cannot do everything for her heirs. That is the leading character in this story: the maternal figure in its maximum expression.

Her small neighborhood is a sort of residential oasis in the midst of many skyscrapers, has all the characteristics of smaller cities: friendship and rivalry among neighbors, romances, gossip, mysteries and a lot of confusion.

With an exciting story and an involving plot, the Penny Lady offers the viewer a variety of genre: romance, humor, action, drama. The soap opera has the objective of entertaining with quality, creating excitement and fun, and surprising with every chapter.





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