Adapted by: Margareth Boury
Director: Ivan Zettel
In association with:Televisa

Year: 2011


Elite Way is one of the most renowned educational institutions in the country, where students have access to high quality education and play sports.



Despite the rigid schedule, the richest families in Rio de Janeiro want that their children study in the Elite Way. This is the case of Alice, Diego, Roberta, Carla and Tomás, some rebel teenagers and full of fancies that will discover in music a common goal.



Pedro joins them, an idealistic scholar, like many others in the school, who wins many girls’ heart and change the school routine. The relationship between the privileged and the cradle of scholar is just the spark for much of the conflicts among students.

The romances, conflicts, confusions, joys and adventures aren’t limited to what happens behind the walls of the college. When they go home on weekends, a lot of things happen.

Despite the adversities and all that separates them, Pedro, Alice, Diego, Roberta, Carla and Tomás will come together by their passion for music and the dream of living the moment as if there was no tomorrow. The rebels will revolutionize their own lives and many people’s lives on their way.







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